• A Naughty & Nice Double Feature

    by Ashley Naftule ‘Tis the season for settling in with your loved ones, throwing a yule Vader on a roaring fire, and watching some Christmas classics. But sometimes familiarity really does breed contempt; You can only watch Jimmy Stewart standing on that bridge so many times before you want to shout “JUST JUMP ALREADY”. Here’s […]

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  • The Grateful Eight: My Favorite Films In 2016

    by Ashley Naftule The New Year creeps ever closer, which means we’re in List-O-Mania season! I’m not immune to the list-making fever, but in lieu of doing a ranked to top 5/10/15/500 movies of the year list, I’d like to present my “Grateful 8” list. Here are eight films I’ve seen in 2016 that left […]

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  • Sad Bastard Movies

    by Ashley Naftule BARRY: “Ok, buddy, uh, I was just tryin’ to cheer us up so go ahead. Put on some old sad bastard music, see if I care.” ROB: “I don’t wanna hear old sad bastard music, Barry, I just want something I can ignore.” I love “sad bastard music”. Whether it’s the self-aware, […]

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      By: Ashley Naftule Frank Capra is in bed, dreaming. In his dreams, a stranger comes to the Capitol. He isn’t like the other people there, the smooth operators, the canny gamers of the system. He wasn’t raised in their world. Slice him open and look at his different parts and you’ll see he didn’t […]

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  • Pierre Etaix’s Last Vanishing Act

      “Won’t someone help me to break up this crown/ Let’s all drink to the death of a clown” -The Kinks Pierre Etaix died a week ago. He was ushered out of this world by an intestinal infection. He was 87 years old. There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of him, or seen any […]

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  • Six Different Ways To Step On Tokyo: New Takes On Godzilla

    By: Ashley Naftule This week sees the release of “Shin Godzilla”, the 31st film in the granddaddy of giant-monsters-wrecking-shit film franchises. You just can’t keep a good radioactive reptile down: Not even a horrendous Matthew Broderick film could stop the king of kaiju! To celebrate the return of the mean green nuclear machine, I wondered […]

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  • 40 Foreign Films Everyone Should See

    By: Ashley Naftule Hi! A quick introduction is in order: I’m Ashley Naftule. The fine folks at FilmBar have given me this soapbox to stand on and hold forth about all things cinema-related. In this blog we’ll be talking about all kinds of movies (not just the ones playing at FilmBar), as well as interviewing […]

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  • FilmBarBlog!


    In the coming weeks, FilmBar will start rolling out original, film-related news/multimedia/musings/reviews content stuff from local Phoenix-based perspectives! Heck of a sentence, huh? Hey, it’s 5am. I’m doing my best. Our output will begin as a trickle, but will gradually become the Colorado River of film writing! Well, at least the Arizona Grand Canal of […]

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