How to Gift a Membership


FilmBar Memberships make a great, unique gift — and, it’s easy as long as you follow these simple steps:

Go here to learn about the different membership options we offer.

1. Choose the membership you wish to gift. The first step in the process asks you to enter the member’s personal information.

2. Enter your personal information (we’ll change it later).

3. Complete the purchase process.

4. Now you’re a member! Now, to give the membership to someone as a gift…

5. Go here to the Member Login page (or access it from our Home Page).

6. Log in — then choose Update Personal Details

7. Update this page with the recipient’s info, including their email address.

8. However you choose to present the gift, make sure the recipient has the Username (their email address you entered) and password (the one you used when creating the membership).

9. Once the recipient logs in from the Member Login page, they can change their password putting full control of their cinematic destiny in their hands!

10. Don’t forget — if you gift a Film Freaks level membership, you can swing by FilmBar for that free Film Freaks mug so you can gift the whole shebang!

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at !