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Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter” is the third of five films to be released from the Stray Cat Rock series. On the lawless streets of T town only bad prevails. In this stunningly provocative action film, bad turns to worse when a gang conducts a series of racial hate crimes.

Mako (Meiko Kaji) is the leader of an all-girl gang, the Alleycats. Allied by the Eagles, a neighboring all-male gang, these delinquents roam the streets of T town freely, bar hopping, swindling cash from businessmen, just rocking and rolling. When one of the Eagles loses his girl to a “half-breed” from a rivaling gang member, the Eagles take revenge by gang-raping their enemy’s sister. The Alleycats find themselves caught in the middle of a bloody race war.

Introduced by Monte Yazzie of the Phoenix Critic’s Circle with support from AGFA – American Genre Film Archive

Sunday 10, September