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The Arizona Filmmaker Showcase is a monthly event where shorts and features from local filmmakers are screened.

Doherty –
Dillon Doherty is torn between preserving his devotion to his family and following in his father’s footsteps as a hit man in the newly established stateside IRA. When the Irish organization receives word that one of their own may be double-crossing them, Doherty is sent out to take care of the situation, but ends up dealing with someone from his past with a similar expertise in the art of killing.

When Its Time –
This musical drama centers around Valerie. While visiting a friends house, she rediscovers her passion for music.

Shop Talk –
Alex and Carol are co-workers on an awkward first date. If only they could find something in common besides working together.

Inseparable –
The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred for a delinquent teenager who is dealing with a tragic loss.

Sunday 30, July