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The Amazing Mortimer – A washed-up ventriloquist and a young boy help each other cope with life’s arrows.

Contentment – A short film exploring contentment vs. happiness through our protagonist, Scout, and her relationships with two different men.

Legacy – Set in the year 2166 in the barren wasteland that was once Earth, the planet’s only remaining human inhabitant, Kale, discovers a godlike entity that has fallen from the sky in the form of a beautiful woman. Together they embark on a quest through the merciless desert, battling vicious predators along the way.

Path of a Luthier – This documentary short film follows the story of the oldest guitar building school in North America, its founder and graduates.

L.A.S.E.R. Pen – Captured by his arch nemesis, super spy Jasper Hollins must find a way to talk his way out of his most dire situation yet.

Sunday 28, May