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Filmbar Film School Is Back!

“The Last Picture Show” – Peter Bogdanovich’s Coming of Age Classic of the “New Hollywood”

Want to learn how to analyze a film? Ever wondered about the history and stories behind on one of the most influential “coming of age” films of the “New Hollywood” of the 1970s, The Last Picture Show? Join us for “FilmBar Film School” where ASU film professor Joe Fortunato will screen, discuss, and provide “live commentary” on the 1971 classic The Last Picture Show, directed by Peter Bogdanovich featuring one of the great ensemble casts of all time!

The evening will start with a brief discussion about the background and making of the film. Enjoy your favorite beverage from the bar! Then we will screen the film in FilmBar’s beautiful and comfortable screening room. Think of it as a “living room book club” for film fans! During the film, live commentary will be provided, giving you insights into the filmmaking process and some guidance on how to “read” a film creatively.

After the film, we can discuss what we’ve learned and debate if it lives up to its reputation as a film classic. Come see the film that put Bogdanovich and so many Hollywood actors on the cultural map!

(NOTE: While no “homework” or prior knowledge of film or this movie is required, if you’ve never seen the picture, some people might want to watch it for the first time before coming to the event without the interruptions of live commentary to “experience” the film as it was intended. That is a personal choice, of course, and not a requirement to attend!)

Monday 5, June