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Snake River Blues follows Sedona, AZ-based songwriter Brandon Decker and his band decker; as he records and tours for the band’s 2016 album of the same name, ultimately releasing the music with a one-month showcase in New York City at the famed Rockwood Music Hall. “I always wanted to make a film about the ‘American Dream’ as I saw it,” says Steinkamp. “It worked out wonderfully that this was organically happening with one of my best friends, Brandon Decker.”

The 22-minute film documents the songwriter’s efforts and struggles to share his music in the largest fashion possible while also being an independent musician, single father and, like many musicians, fighting a substantial uphill financial battle. Steinkamp embedded with the band for much of 2016 both in the studio and on tour for concerts across the southwest and flew out with the band to New York City in the fall to capture the album’s release.

“It was a humbling experience for me,” says Decker of the film. “Matty and I have worked on many projects throughout the years and he gets my vision so well. But he’s also a busy guy and I am honored he spent the year making a film about the work we accomplished.”

Matty Steinkamp and Brandon Decker will be in attendance for a post-screening meet and greet.

Thursday 18, May