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Documentary Filmmaker – Andrew Leavold (The Search for Weng Weng) returns with THE LOST FILMS OF WENG WENG! Andrew will be hosting this event as part of his World Tour!

His notes from this compilation follow: Three of Weng Weng’s Tagalog language films I’ve chopped down to their essentials and subtitled into English – all seen for the very first time outside the Philippines! You get the gold from – STARIRAY (Dolphy’s 1981 gay disco actioner, in which a gruff-voiced Weng Weng as Chief of Operations teaches him kung fu); DA BEST IN DA WEST (another Weng Weng western also from 1981, this time as Dolphy’s deputy Bronson!); and LEGS…KATAWAN…BABAE! (stars Hagibis, the Filipino Village People, in a delirious disco kung fu spy musical western [!!!] in which Weng Weng makes a cameo in the final blazing line-dancing number). Needless to say I cannot WAIT to show you guys this!!!

Wednesday 25, October