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There is no question that we live in trying times. With each passing week, more and more secular influence creeps in to our lives and threatens to tear the moral fiber of our nation apart. Unisex bathrooms? Disney-themed wedding cake toppers? White shoes after Labor Day? Where does the madness end?

Join Worldwide Freakout Ministries as we take you on a voyage of faith and devotion with THE UNFATHOMABLE JESUS FREAKOUT. Harken back to the glory days of yesteryear with a Megamix of the best cinematic tales of scripture, rapture, secular dangers, hippie cults, joyous celebration and so much more. Informative, entertaining, and maybe a little bit terrifying, The UNFATHOMABLE JESUS FRAKOUT is guaranteed to leave you speechless.

A word of warning! Friday June 9th shall soon be upon us. Arriving like a thief in the night. Secure your tickets now to this oh so important festival of faith, as there are over 7 billion people living in this world and only 76 seats inside the FilmBar theatre. Will you be one of the chosen few who receive this message? Or will you be left out in the darkness to fend for yourself in tribulatious agony? Wondering for all times “If I had only seen the missive when I had the chance? Could I have been shown the way to a more Freakalicious life?”

The answer my friends is yes. Yes, you can be shown the way. But you need to act now…before it is too late!

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