FilmBar is opening Friday, September 5th for both ticketed screenings AND rentals! To improve safety, we'll be screening ticketed films in our bigger screening room (76 seats) with a maximum of 20 people and the new smaller cinema will host all rentals (max 10 people).

Ticketing for both regular screenings and rentals are now available from our calendar found on our home page.

Our approach is to prioritize the safety of all customers while balancing that with trying to move the business forward. The goal is to slow or stop the financial strain on FilmBar, not to profit.  We're absolutely prepared to scale back the number of customers allowed and will so so if anything seems unsafe once we begin operations.  Any feedback or concerns you can share are welcomed. It's going to take a team effort to make sure this works well and, by now, I hope you know that you're a part of the team. Shoot an email to 'info at thefilmbarphx dot com". Sorry, hard to write it that way to avoid spambots.

We've timed all bookings (ticketed and rentals) to allow for safe arrival and exit. When your film is done, you'll be able to safely exit without running into another group of people. To make this work, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes or so before the start of your film, grab whatever you'd like at the bar, and proceed to your screening room. Please ask a staff member for directions. After your screening, please close out your tab, if you have one, and exit the building. I hate writing that, but it's just the way we have to do things right now :-/

Safety guidelines for both ticketed customers and renters are exactly the same except for one detail:

Ticketed customers must wear a mask at all times except when eating or drinking. This includes just sitting there enjoying the film.

Renters can take their masks off once in their private screening room.  No need to keep the mask on while watching the film since you'll just be hanging with friends and family.

How we'll work together to stay safe and have fun doing it!

+ We'll keep keep the number of folks allowed per screening to a maximum of 20 people.
+ Masks are required of our patrons and staff at all times, except when eating/drinking.
+ We have to ask you to leave immediately after your screening to keep the number of people in FilmBar to a minimum.
+ At least 30 minutes have been put between rentals to give you plenty of time to come and go without running into  another folks from other screenings AND to give us ample time to sterilize everything for the next screening.
+ Our staff all wear gloves and masks and constantly sanitize, well, everything.
+ Bar seats and tables have been removed, including bar stools.
+ We do not currently accept cash.  Only credit/debit cards.
+ While the evidence seems inconclusive as to their effectiveness, we're using HEPA filters in all our ACs and leaving the air circulators on to keep air fresh and (possibly) safer. Hey, it doesn't hurt, right?
+ For ticketed screenings -- purchasing online does not allow you to select your seats, however safe seating will be clearly marked upon arrival to the cinema.

Hope to see you in soon!